Brikwars stat sheet template

Finally got around to creating a template for ya’ll to use. It’s been added to the resources section for Brikwars. If you have any issues with the file you can ask questions on the forum page.

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new website

Welcome to PSM version 7!

It’s another Frankenstein creation of my own design, own graphics and a hefty percentage is ripping off other peoples code. If you happen to be one of those other people, feel free! That’s right, feel free.

The website is all responsive-y and web 2.0-ey (if people even still use that term).  So if you look at this site on your tablet or internet fridge you shouldn’t have too zoom in.

My Zany Adventure has been changed to ‘Sketches’. It was used for all my old high school drawings but I’ll use it now to upload sketch book stuff.

The other change is I’ve combined my Brikwars site with PSM. Yep, that thing we do with lego some times that is unnecessarily violent.

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page 10 of victory pocket

Yeah so I have that going for me. I fixed the footer too, not like you care. Also going to make my site responsive to tablets and junk in the next few weeks. Balls.

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